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Our Vodkas

Pride, passion and expertise have driven us to hone and perfect our two flagship vodkas over 132 years. In a league of their own, each of these spectacular spirits is distinct, while sharing the benefits of excellent ingredients and an expert distillation process. Velvety flavour and dazzling purity are guaranteed.We extract crystal-clear water from our very own natural source 720 feet beneath the ground- a distance greater than the height of Big Ben. Here, 10,000 years of filtration through chalk layers have produced the pure and unadulterated water we insist on.After travelling up to the historic distillery, dating back to 1884, the water is united with our secret combination of wheat, rye and barley – the first step in the creation of Toruńska vodkas.

Toruńska Vodka

from Copernicus’ Town

Toruńska Vodka is an incredibly smooth vodka with a buttery mouthfeel and an elegantly complex character. The vodka is an authentic Polish spirit, with a proud pedigree rooted in over 130 years of history. Four meticulous stages of filtration, combined with distillation at over 180°C, create a velvety taste and stunning clarity. The ingredients? Our original blend of wheat, rye and barley, together with pure water filtered through natural chalk layers.Subtle, with a fragrant aroma, Toruńska is ideal sipped neat or over ice to enjoy its flawless flavour. The complex profile also shines as part of a simple mixed drink. Connoisseurs will cherish this well-balanced, high-quality spirit, elegantly bottled in frosted glass.

Toruńska Strong

Strong Collection

Toruńska Strong is a bold and distinctive vodka, well-defined and genuinely outstanding.Perfected over 132 years, the distillation process involves no fewer than six stages of filtration, for a remarkably pure and complex vodka. We have poured our passion and creativity into this stellar spirit, which owes its character to a unique combination of wheat,rye and barley – mixed according to our closely-guarded secret recipe.Purity is guaranteed by the crystal-clear water used to create this vodka. It is extracted from a depth of 720 feet, naturally filtered for 10,000 years by layers of chalky rock. The flavour of the spirit is retained and enhanced, in a superior quality vodka diluted to 100 proof (50%ABV). The signature black bottle makes a striking addition to any bar or drinks cabinet.