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Our Heritage

Many believe Poland was the birthplace of vodka, with records dating back to the early Middle Ages. The Toruńska story began in 1884, when we distilled our first batch of vodka in the history Polish city of Toruń. These spirits were destined to be enjoyed not just in Poland, but across Europe and as far away as Africa and Asia. The world would come to know Toruńska Vodka.

Our Distillery

Toruńska Vodka still begins life in the original complex of nineteenth-century buildings,where the production processes continue to this day. Well over a hundred years old, the distillery is a living museum that is testament to Poland’s proud vodka and alcohol heritage.

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Our crystal clear water

From deep within the earth, we draw our own intakes of crystal-clear groundwater, to use in both the production and cooling processes. The dazzlingly pure water is filtered through layers of chalk over a period of nearly 10,000 years, and settles at depths of up to 720 feet underground – greater than the height of Big Ben.


Our Fathers

From the beginning, Toruńska was pioneering. Georg and Natan, the Hirchfeld brothers,established a state-of-the-art operation in 1884 and began producing superior vodka. The historic distillery stood firm through two world wars and decades of upheaval. Today, over 130 years later, production of Toruńska Vodka continues on this historical site.


Our City

The spires and rooftops of old Toruń are seen on the Toruńska bottle: in homage to the ancient city that gave us life. People have settled here as far back as 1100 BC. Toruń is famous for its stunning Gothic towers, castles and churches, best seen in the Old Town. Olbracht Street, in the historic Mokre district, is the home of Toruńska Vodka.


Our Hero

Toruń’s most famous son was Nicolaus Copernicus. He was one of the first to realise that the earth orbits the sun, and not the other way round. His intelligence and scientific approach inspire us even today, as we apply our precise
production methods to produce Toruńska Vodka.