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Discover Poland’s best-kept secret.

Toruńska Vodka is a premium spirit, with exceptional flavour and an impressive heritage spanning over 130 years of history. Since 1884, our distillery has stood the test of time, producing superior vodka in the ancient Polish city of Toruń.

Toruńska is imbued with crystal-clear water, naturally filtered through chalk layers over a period of 10,000 years, and extracted from depths of more than 720 feet. Our grain spirit is carefully crafted from a secret combination of wheat, rye and barley – meticulously sourced and expertly blended to create irresistible flavour.

The vodka is distilled at over 180°C, in a time-honoured production process featuring constant rectification. The result is a pure and refined vodka perfect on its own, and sublime in cocktails. Our passionate dedication ensures that every glass delivers complex flavours, smooth mouthfeel and unmistakeable quality.

Isn’t it time you discovered Poland’s best-kept secret?

Toruńska® Vodka

from Copernicus’ Town

Nicolaus Copernicus was not born a great astronomer. He achieved his success thanks to his love of science and art – he was a true Renaissance man. The Torunska vodka from the hometown of Copernicus was not created yesterday. It is based on over 130 year-old tradition of spirits production in Torun. Great minds and outstanding products have something in common: their excellence is shaped by passion. A town worthy of an accomplished astronomer is a town worthy of a great drink!

Toruńska® Vodka

Strong Collection

Torun – the birthplace of the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus is also famous for its over 130 year-old tradition of spirits production. The mild, yet defined taste of the Torunska Strong Collection vodka, created at the Vodka and Spirit Factory in Torun, reflects the passion and artistry of spirits manufacture. Polish premium quality and traditional recipe of the distillers from Torun is a master fusion power and taste.